The importance of sustainable design and environmental consideration

More than ever before, today’s thoughtful, contemporary architectural design relies on sustainable design elements that work with enhancing the power of the natural environment, rather than working against it. Climate change is an increasingly pressing concern that can’t afford to be ignored and to develop buildings that stand the test of time for our evolving conditions, smart sustainability is more than just a selling point – it’s an issue of ethics and community-minded consideration.


Environmental factors

Natural surroundings can be a powerful force and smart sustainable design addresses how to work with those natural elements and make the most of them, rather than fight against them. Sustainable design extends beyond building materials to landscape design – utilising everything from aspect and available shade/sunlight to maximise efficiency for heating and cooling that creates buildings that offers maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact.


Public perception

As awareness of environmental issues continues to grow, property developers and marketers who recognise the selling points of authentic sustainability in design can talk to the concerns an increasing percentage of the population has and promote developments that are thoughtful, ethical and genuinely sustainable.


Developers can no longer make promises of sustainable design that can’t be supported with evidence of actual environmentally-aware construction and completion – and that includes everything from the location to the materials used within the design – everything from locally-sourced and sustainable timber, recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances and, with a bigger picture plan to the natural environment surrounding each development, this consideration should extend to decisions around plants chosen for landscaping.


The public’s perception of what real sustainability stands for is more heightened than ever and as local councils and individuals demand even more progress in the area of sustainability, smart developers should invest in improved knowledge around the issue of sustainable design to set themselves apart as leaders in this field, rather than mere followers.


Sustainability in Action

Truly sustainable building design addresses energy-efficiency, smart water-management and an ability to harness the elements in ways that enhance the spaces within a home or commercial space. They are decision not done on a mere whim – today’s increased regulations around sustainable design make them a component of contemporary architecture that can no longer be ignored or paid mere lip service to – it’s something that needs to be properly understood and addressed in ways that are clever and genuinely environmentally-aware.


Building a reputation as a developer with a proven passion for smart sustainable design is about building a better world for all of us – not just the individual your project is marketed to.